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About This Project

Thingy is a kit made of 3 product: tablet stand, smartphone stand and cord organizer.

Thingy is a stand for almost any kind of tablet, ebook reader or smartphone available on the market, and a cord organizer.

It allows orientation at 30 and 75 degree, both landscape and portrait.
The cord organizer helps you to do not mess with earphone cables and it fits both slim and thick cables.

Thingy is easy to carry around and to have it ready to use.

Thingy comes in a gift ready package.

Is the Thingy you were waiting for :)

Dimensions (some are approximated):

– Tablet stand: 178x87x6mm (unassembled), 192x128x87mm (assembled for big screens), 163x128x87mm (assembled for small screens).

– Smartphone stand: 72x22x6mm (unassembled), 61x53x22mm (assembled).

– Cord Organizer: 40x62x3mm


Thingy wins the’s contest in Milan in April 2013.

If you want to buy contact me at omar at or visit Desphered on Etsy