Riva1920’s moments

About This Project

In a world leaded by inorganic materials someone decided to do something else.
Tree species that are much more than noble furniture. Their own history, ancient and recent, tells stories about people, caring for nature and ancient traditions.

Furniture made with wisdom that can live across the centurIes, always ready to return to nature.Every detail tells you a great story.
The ability of modern artisans that combine traditional techniques with contemporary technologies, the attention to the skin treatments, the chance to enjoy a wall of drawers ready to be assemb led and disassembled with bare hands.
A table made with thousand-year Kaori wood that becomes the time line of our common history, a sculpture made of trash that emphasizes how products are made only with bare wood and its neverfading beauty, a little gadget to bring at home your 10’’ of Riva1920’s history.