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Omar Crippa

I love to design spaces and products as well and also my passion for photography is growing. I have a strong eye on details and I like to make prototypes with my bare hands, it is the greatest way to learn, design and have fun.

I’m a designer because I want to create solutions and beautiful stuff, I embrace the idea of an essential creativity, where few elements well designed allow great works. Essentiality as synonym of design and quality, not of minimalism.
My goal is to create something not only good to see but also functional and smart.

I pay a strong attention to the environment and I try to design thinking how to improve the manufacturing in order to make it more sustainable.
Hard worker, great problem solver and self motivated, I never give up before the target is reached.

I’m always looking for great opportunities around the world to meet people and to make good design.


Contact me at omar [at]